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Change is Possible!

I have custom programs for your personal healing or join the team of innovators with an exciting new education from the Institute 4 Healthcare Innovation! Manifest your dreams to change the world!

  • Transformation

    Everything you need to transform your health!
    Valid for 4 months
    • 8 hours of personalised treatment
    • All of my workshops during your program at no extra cost
    • Full Palm-Reading
    • Astrology and Human design profile
    • 7 Pillars of Trauma Transformation on-line course material
  • Manifestation

    Health, Wealth, & Abundance!
    Valid for 6 months
    • 12 hours personalised treatments
    • All of my workshops during the program at no extra cost
    • Access to resources that will allow you to actualise ideas
    • Full Palm-Reading
    • Astrology and Human design Profile
    • Access to online course material
  • Art of Healing

    Term I Discover and Develop your Healing Superpowers!
    Valid for 6 months
    • 12hrs Personalised treatment to heal yourself
    • 4 weekend classes (sat & sun) 48 hrs
    • 30 hrs clinical experience at ThenNightingale Center
    • 16 Workshops
    • Online course material with quizzes, videos & tips & tools
    • Develop and test your ideas with help from experts
    • Institute's Student Award Ceremony to present your work
    • Live weekly Q&A
    • Private online group for working together
  • Healthcare Innovator

    Term II Become a leader in Healthcare Innovation
    Valid for 6 months
    • 12 hours personalised treatment
    • 4 weekend courses (sat & sun)
    • 16 workshops
    • 30 hours clinical experience at The Nightingale Center
    • Develop your social concept into a profitable enterprise
    • Diploma from 7 Dragons Institute 4 Healthcare Innovation
    • Become a certified Nightingale Method Practitioner
    • Full one year membership to The Nightingale Network
    • Present your work at the Institute's Award Ceremony
    • Continuing education
    • Apply to open a Nightingale Center
    • Online Course Material with quizzes, videos, tips & tools
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