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About Me

My name is Patience Tanner, I have 30 years experience in healthcare both in the US and in Sweden.  I am a retired nurse and I have a 3 year education in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I do not do anything traditionally!

I have come to understand that Western medicine, despite ingenious innovations and fantastic possibilities, has forgotten perhaps the most important aspect of our health - Healing! Promoting and restoring health and wellbeing should be the most important focus in a healthcare system. The connection between the consciousness and the physical body has been ignored for far too long. 

Wellbeing is your experience of health. It includes having good mental health, a high quality of life, a sense of meaning or purpose, and the ability to create change. To have wellbeing you must have resources and be able to manage stress. 

Stress, trauma, fears and anxiety cause us to lose touch with ourselves and life. It can be experienced as if a part of the soul has left us and you feel "empty", numb, sad or angry. If you do not pay attention to and treat this, it can eventually lead to physical illness.

Restoring the connection between body, mind and spirit begins with compassion! Only through compassion and love can the belief in healing be restored. When we stop chasing pleasure and pushing away pain, we find homeostasis, harmony, and balance. When the conscious is clear and the heart is calm and grateful the physical body will heal and become it's best self. It is important to remember this looks different for everyone.

For me, perhaps the most important thing is to really listen to my patients, to see and understand everything that lies behind symptoms and emotional states. The relationship must be built on reciprocity and integrity. 

Photo thanks to Alexandra Van Damme WWW.ARTHASIA.SE
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Photo thanks to Alexandra Van Damme WWW.ARTHASIA.SE

My Philosophy

In classic Chinese medicine it is believed that the Shen (our spirit) resides in the heart. To keep the heart calm and the Shen undisturbed we have 7 dragons that can purify the body of the effects of trauma, abuse, and loss.

I work with your 7 dragons to confront the 7 demons or the 7 internal causes of disease:

fear, shock, worry, anger, sadness, joy, and grief.

There is nothing wrong with emotions but too much of anything is poison.

You can not control your emotions but you can decide what you believe.

Your emotions are simply a reaction to these beliefs! 

Once you are standing in your own beliefs it is clear to see the external causes of disease and make the appropriate lifestyle changes for a healthier and more empowered wellbeing.

I use Palm-Reading, facial-reading, pulse diagnosis as well as shamanistic techniques, esoteric acupuncture, collective healing, ceremony, moxa, cupping, plant medicine, vitamin and mineral therapy, diet, meditation, breathing exercises, astrology, human design, spirit guidance, forest therapy, tapping, crystals, orgone technology, sound bathing and so much more. My superpower is my intuition and I can't always explain it. 

Welcome, have a wonderful day!

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