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7 Dragons Institute
4 Healthcare Innovation 

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I am Patience

 Welcome to  7 Dragons Institute 4 Healthcare Innovation. 

Here you will find all the services I offer at my acupuncture practice as well as the programs I offer for both personal and professional development at the Institute. I am in Uppsala were I have my office at Verkstan.

Thursdays you can book a time at Kumbha for special price readings.

 All of my programs and readings can be done online.

Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day.


My Specializations

I specialize in anything difficult or impossible to treat. I don't work with diagnosis because I don't accept the prognosis and limiting beliefs that come along with them. I believe that everything is always changing and nothing is ever to damaged to heal. I focus on helping you find your unique way of healing and teaching you on a deep level how it works. Our goal is to create an environment in your body, mind, and soul and were disease simply can not exist. By nourishing you instead of attacking the symptoms we can get down to the root cause and create lasting change by facilitating the healing process.

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Trauma & Depression

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Detox & Addiction

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Digestion & Anxiety

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Stress & Burnout

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Sleep Disorders

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 Pain & Headaches